What is a Medical Source Opinion Letter (MSOL).

and why you need one

A Medical Source Opinion Letter (MSOL) is: 


  • Written or typed 

  • By a doctor (or other medical provider) *

  • Saying you cannot work full-time because of a medical problem

  • For more than twelve months.


Your chances of obtaining Social Security disability benefits are much better if your medical provider is “on your side.” That is, they agree you are unable to work full-time because of your medical condition AND they agree to write down the reasons why. 


How much an MSOL can help you in your Social Security disability case depends. Everyone’s case is different. But it ALWAYS helps if you are careful to follow the recommended treatment of your own provider and to keep your appointments. Not only is good medical care likely to help you get better, but a medical provider who sees you paying attention and following your treatment plans will want to help you.  

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