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PounceLaw Clients. . . The Truly Disabled. 

Here at PounceLaw, we know you care about who represents you. Likewise, we are very selective about our clients. PounceLaw is performing “triage” in an overwhelmed system – we are looking for those in the greatest need.

Therefore, not everyone who might ultimately qualify for disability benefits will be a PounceLaw client, and you should draw no conclusions about your ultimate eligibility from the following description. There are other resources/firms available to help, and you may find them on our Resources link [coming soon]  in Art of Pounce.


A PounceLaw client is usually, but not always, a former worker. Despite repeated attempts, they are unable to do any substantial work in the economy. They may be your loved one, too proud to ask for help, who is used to being a provider. The fact that there are so many in the lineup to Social Security Disability benefits who are not disabled is an embarrassment to them. They are not a faker and don’t want that branding anywhere near them. They come to us because they know we don’t take fakers.

Or they may be a person who cannot work due to life-long impairments despite prosthetic or other aids.

Sometimes one can be a victim of circumstance. Trauma, assault, car crash, adult onset diagnosis of disease that prevents the ability to work –those individuals need help fast.

A veteran who cannot work because of military service is of course a PounceLaw candidate.

We cannot hope to describe all the possible PounceLaw clients. We hope this article helps. If you have a situation that is not described here, but you believe you or a loved one is Truly Disabled, please contact us. We will get right back to you.

PounceLaw, we know disability inside out.

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